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Southville, Bristol

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I'm Beth, I'm registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) as a psychotherapist in training, and am offering Core Process Psychotherapy and counselling in Bristol. I’m based at The Practice Rooms in Southville, and for the time being am offering sessions both face to face and online.

On this website you can read a bit about me and how I work. Evidence shows that one of the most important factors in successful therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and therapist, so for us to work together, it’s really important that it ‘feels right’. For this reason, I offer a free initial consultation, which is a chance for us to meet and get a sense for whether we’d like to work together, with no obligations on either side. It’s a chance for you to ask any questions you might have, and to talk a bit about what it is that is bringing you to therapy, and what you might like to get out of it.

Reasons you might seek psychotherapy & counselling

There are many reasons you might seek psychotherapy or counselling. One of our basic needs in order to thrive is a sense of safety, and in this time of global pandemic, systemic injustice, and a looming ecological and climate crisis, this probably feels significantly compromised for many of us. Therapy can offer a space in which to process some of the very natural feelings that may be coming up in response to what is going on in our outer environment, and the questions it may be leading us to ask ourselves. Underlying issues or feelings that we may have been managing well enough for decades can get triggered, and may be rising up to the surface in ways that might feel overwhelming and frightening.

Some people seek out therapy without a specific issue in mind, perhaps because of a feeling that something’s wrong, but without knowing quite what; or a vague sense that there must be more to life; or simply because they’d like to get to know themselves better and experience life more fully and richly. Other people may:

  • be feeling depressed, anxious, or suffering from panic attacks
  • be struggling to handle feelings of anger, jealousy, shame or other emotional states that no longer feel manageable
  • be experiencing difficulties in their relationships
  • wish to explore questions around their sexuality, gender, or other aspects of their identity
  • have experienced abuse, trauma, or other painful events/dynamics earlier in life that are impacting them today
  • have experienced a recent painful or traumatic life event, such as a relationship breakdown or a bereavement
  • want support processing feelings of rage, grief, fear or overwhelm in response to what is happening in the world around us
  • be experiencing a sense of ‘stuckness’ in their life
  • have a desire for a greater sense of connection, intimacy and spontaneity in their life, and increased ease and vitality.

  • About psychotherapy & counselling

    Psychotherapy and counselling offer a confidential, compassionate and deeply supportive space in which you can explore any aspects of yourself and your life that you wish to bring. It is a weekly commitment, and you can engage in the long or short term. That said, profound and sustained change rarely happens quickly, and many people benefit from engaging in therapy in the longer term.

    Therapy can involve unearthing things from your past, but is also a space to explore your life and relationships in the present, and whatever is meaningful to you. While exploring the ways in which issues and relationships are playing out in your life, we will also be orienting to the underlying unconscious beliefs and patterning that shape so much of our experience, and determine to a high degree how we respond to people and situations.

    Psychotherapy and counselling offer a space in which you can be heard, witnessed and supported on a deep level, as you learn to tolerate feelings that might have previously felt intolerable, and reconnect with parts of yourself that might have been split off. Ultimately, it’s a space in which you can begin to build a more accepting and loving relationship with yourself, and reconnect with your own innate health and wholeness.

    The space in Southville that I work from provides a relaxed, comfortable, and confidential environment for this work to take place in.

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