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Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is the original mindfulness-based psychotherapy in the UK, and is accredited by United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). It's an integrative approach that brings together knowledge from western psychology and neuroscience with understandings from Buddhism, and is one that people can benefit from whether or not they have any spiritual beliefs or interest in Buddhism. Mindfulness practice has a growing evidence base and is gaining popularity across many fields of psychology.

At the heart of Core Process Psychotherapy is the understanding that at our core we are perfectly whole and healthy, but that adverse experiences (often from very early on in our lives) can obscure this to us. So the focus in Core Process Psychotherapy is not on ‘fixing’ anything or finding labels, but rather on helping us to reconnect us with of our own inherent health and wholeness, which, given the right conditions, we orientate to quite naturally.

Holistic, embodied enquiry

Core Process Psychotherapy is a holistic, embodied approach, and mind and body are understood to be profoundly interconnected. Whilst exploring issues in your life, you will be invited to tune into your body, bringing attention to the sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise, moment by moment. By bringing an open curiosity to how we experience ourselves, we can begin to see things ‘as they are’. Core Process Psychotherapy offers a space in which we can not only deepen our awareness and understanding of what's 'not working' in our lives, but can also begin to experience ourselves and our lives differently.

As we deepen awareness of our own internal processes, we are increasingly able to choose how we wish to respond to situations in our lives rather than reacting in conditioned ways. We can begin to experience a sense of spaciousness and self-compassion, and can start to get a sense for what it is that keeps us stuck in old patterns that no longer work for us. Through awareness, change becomes possible, and we can begin to relate to ourselves, others, and our moment-to-moment experience in ways that feels more direct, authentic and accepting.

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